Home water filtration for Buda, TX

About Buda Water Quality

The City of Buda obtains its water from both groundwater and surface water. The groundwater comes from the Edwards Aquifer and accounts for 40 percent of Buda’s water supply. The water is treated at each individual well site in the City of Buda. The other 60 percent comes from surface water by way of Canyon Lake via the Guadalupe River. This water is treated at the San Marcos Surface Water Treatment Plant. The treatment of the water leaves behind various by-products in the water delivered to the residents of Buda.

According to a 2014 water quality report, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality determined that there were no contaminants present in unsafe levels for consumption, nevertheless contaminants were still present in trace amounts. Aqua Pure whole home water filtration helps to reduce or eliminate the presence of these harmful contaminants to leave your water clear, clean and safe.

We service Buda, TX

Aqua Pure services Buda, TX and the surrounding areas. We’ve helped residents of Buda get access to clean, great tasting water with our home water filtration systems.

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