Home water filtration for Cedar Park, TX

About Cedar Park Water Quality

The City of Cedar Park obtains its water from a single source of surface water, Lake Travis. The water is supplied by Cedar Park Municipal Services. As water runs to eventually collect in Lake Travis it, it picks up several naturally occurring contaminants. Also, because the water comes from a source of standing water it must be treated before it can safely be delivered to taps in Cedar Park.

A 2014 water quality report for the City of Cedar Park states that the water for the city has met or exceeded all of the standards set forth by the EPA for clean drinking water. Unfortunately all tap water will contain some level of contaminant. In Cedar Park, contaminants that were found included fluoride, nitrite and nitrate which are all resultant from the farming activity around the water source as well as the decontamination efforts at a water treatment facility. Using an Aqua Pure home water filtration system can help eliminate 99.9% of all contaminants found in your water!

We service Cedar Park, TX

Aqua Pure services Cedar Park, TX and the surrounding areas. We’ve helped residents of Cedar Park get access to clean, great tasting water with our home water filtration systems.

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