Home water filtration for Hutto, TX

About Hutto Water Quality

The City of Hutto acquires its water from several sources. One source is Taylor, which draws its water from noted catfish fishery, Lake Granger. Some water may also come from Manville, WSC. The majority of water comes out of the 26-mile pipeline built by Heart of Texas Water Suppliers (HOT), a private company out of Houston which has a 50-year contract with Hutto.

As the 2014 drinking water quality report for Hutto states, the water you drink “may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants.” A few of these contaminants which the report admits can be found in Hutto’s water: cadmium and coliform bacteria.

While it’s reasonable to expect that out of the millions of gallons of water contractually supplied to Hutto by a mix of corporate America and nearby government entities, that some portion may have slight amounts of contaminants, the water you actually drink in your home doesn’t have to be. Aqua Pure’s home filtration systems can close that purity gap.

We service Hutto, TX

Aqua Pure installs water filtration systems in homes in and around Hutto, TX. If you need service in Hutto give us a call, and we can help you with your water.

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