Home water filtration for Georgetown, TX

About Georgetown Water Quality

Drinking water in Georgetown comes almost exclusively from two major sources: Lake Georgetown and the Edwards Aquifer. These two large sources of standing water both require treatment in order for the water to be safe to drink. The decontamination process will inherently leave other contaminants after its completion.

After conducting a water quality report in 2014 the City of Georgetown found that the water meets or exceeds the standards set forth for drinking water by the EPA. However, this does not mean that the water is completely free of contaminants. In fact there is no tap water which is completely free of all contaminants. Some contaminants found during the analysis for the water quality report included chromium, copper, chloroform and many others. An Aqua Pure home water filtration system will help give Georgetown residents confidence that their water is free of 99.9 % of contaminants listed in the water quality report.

We service Georgetown, TX

Aqua Pure services Georgetown, TX and the surrounding areas. We’ve helped residents of Georgetown get access to clean, great tasting water with our home water filtration systems.

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