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About Austin Water Quality

The water distribution system of Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) is one of the largest in the United States. DWU provides retail water service to over 1.2 million people within the Dallas city limits. The major distribution system facilities include 28 pump stations (including the high service pump stations at the three water treatment plants), 11 ground storage reservoirs, 9 elevated tanks, and 78 vault structures separate from the major facilities. The distribution system for Dallas’ water supply contains over 4600 miles of piping. You may view current and past water quality reports for Dallas, TX by clicking here.

Dallas, TX Water Sources

The City constructed, owns, operates and has available 100% of the permitted water supply for the Ray Hubbard Reservoir. Dallas uses six reservoirs as sources for raw water:

  • Lake Ray Hubbard
  • Lewisville Lake
  • Grapevine Lake
  • Ray Roberts Lake
  • Lake Tawakoni
  • Lake Fork Reservoir

We service Dallas TX

Aqua Pure Water Solutions services Dallas TX, and the surrounding areas. We’ve installed and serviced home water filtration systems in Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Round Rock, San Marcos, and all over Central Texas.

If you need service in Dallas, TX, give us a call for a free water test, we want to help you with your water.

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